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INNOVation nECto Services

(lat.) necto: derived from nectere resp. nexus

connect, link

The name INNOVECS stands for a close connection between innovation and service.

We support our customers in creating something new and in doing so establish the connections to the existing organization and previous processes. We would like to be your companion for organizational, commercial and business solutions and your projects and design this close to implementation. In doing so, we attach the utmost importance to our principles of action:


INNOVECS GmbH is dynamic and flexible. We have the claim to implement projects in the agreed time frame.


INNOVECS GmbH operates with a minimum of overhead and a flat hierarchy. Also, the budget idea “cost – benefit relation” is in the foreground of our actions. We also carry this thought into our projects and make sure that the projects can be implemented within the planned project budget.


INNOVECS GmbH relies on experienced practitioners in consulting who know the business first hand. We have the claim to develop realizable solutions. Instead of building kits, we rely on individual and demand-oriented solutions. These principles are only successful in their entirety. Despite affordable prices, quality does not suffer. We also transport this quality claim into your projects, which is an essential success factor.

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