Cyber Security (NIS-2)

The NIS-2 Directive (“The Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive”) regulates the cyber and information security of companies and institutions. It is transposed into national implementing regulations and is considered binding law. The new cybersecurity directive, called “NIS 2”, contains legal measures to increase the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU.

Implementation of NIS2 – act now. The federal government in Germany plans to convert NIS2 into national law by October 2024. Those who are now newly covered by the directive should act quickly. After all, consulting, the selection of suitable technologies and their implementation take time.


What do we offer you?

We audit your infrastructure for the aspects of IT security:

  • Is there a security strategy?
  • Are all risks recorded?
  • Are the employees trained?
  • Is there any documentation?
  • You will receive recommendations for action.

We plan your safety!
We create a concept with which you can secure your IT infrastructure.

We manage your security!
You want to concentrate on your core tasks but not neglect your IT security?
You can leave the task to us and our certified employees will take care of your IT security and keep it at the latest security standard.

Are you aiming for certification?
We support you in all necessary steps to lead you safely through an audit to a certificate.