IT Managed Services

INNOVECS provides managed services for IT services. We understand and anticipate the need for a range of critical IT processes, procedures and functions. At INNOVECS, we specialize in talent and matching the right people to the right project.
With our experience and capabilities, we work in partnership to deliver projects and services to clients. This makes it easier for companies to spend their time and budget on more complex and strategic aspects of their business.

Let INNOVECS help you with the day-to-day IT infrastructure and network services so you don’t have to.

  • Cloud Compute: Provisioning of VM, Scale up, Scale Down, etc.
  • Network: Network maintenance, changes, VPN access
  • Data Storage: Provisioning, Scale up, Scale Down etc.
  • Performance Monitoring and alerts: Cloud Native components, CPU, RAM, VHDs, Storage, Bandwidth, Network
  • Security: Monitoring against attack as DoS, etc.
  • Alerts, Logs, and Reports
  • Performance tuning and Advisory Services
  • Billing tracking services

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